Conduct of this Clan

As a member of the sT clan you represent us all. As long as you hold our sT Tags on your name, you need to follow these simple requests.

If you are having personal issues, please send us a private message for guidance.
Report players causing issues in the server within the Forum, so we can further investigate it.
Do not cheat at any time. Don't do anything against our rules,
Show good sportsmanship. Remember we want members and regulars!
Be respectful to everyone you game with. We are not all alike. You don't know what someone may be going through. Lets keep it friendly!
Please don't rage quit and leave your team behind. Just take a deep breathe and regroup! Rage quitting makes us look bad..

Team Speak Rules

Please always remain friendly to newcomers. We frequently have new guests trying to check us out, so keep it friendly.
We do not need to hear about your non-religious beliefs or political views on our Team-speak . We are there to communicate while gaming.

Leaving The Clan

If you are going to leave us, please be as kind to let us know this. It isn't fair to anyone for you to just remove your registration without telling us. If you wish to remain but are having some sort of problem, chat with us first and see if we can work around you leaving us!.

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