Welcome in sT member application request!

We expect our members to be respectful to everyone. Anyone who is causing problems with our members, website guests or gamers with racist remarks, insults and rants will be removed. We are here to have fun.

If you want to join sT clan just answer all of these questions...

1.Whats your Full Name?

2.Your Age?

3.Profile link?

4.What primary lobby Do you Use?

5.What other lobbys Do you play in?

6.Do you have any friend in our clan?

7.Why do you want to join this clan?

8.Have you read our Code of Conduct?

9.Do you agree to follow our Code of Conduct?

Also don't forgot to be active in forums

After you answer all of these questions copy them with the answers And send it to ____Kofahi____.

If you are accepted____Kofahi____ will write in your profile or he will message you.. If not don't waste your time Just wait one month and send another one again.

Notice : don't send more than one application.


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